How to get in touch with Will Harris?

There are a couple of options can use to contact us:

Landline: +44 (0) 1691 831920
Mobile on Show Days: +44 (0) 7545 940159 or use the Contact Us form provided.

How to make a payment to Will Harris?

I accept the following payment methods

  1. CASH: At events i am covering and the orders will be processed once i get home.
  2. BACS, Ask and i will email you all the details needed, once payment is credited your order will be completed.
  3. PAYPAL,  accept all major debit and credit cards, you do not need a PayPal account to use the system. Please note that Credit Card payments may incur a charge.
  4. TELEPHONE, Orders can be taken over the phone with my virtual terminal they can be paid for on most credit/debit cards.

NB: CHEQUES, Are no longer accepted due to local closures.

How long before delivery of my paper prints?

Always allow 30 working days.

Your paper prints will be delivered via royal Mail signed for first class delivery within this time period. (Please make sure you print carefully your postal delivery address, we cannot accept responsibility for wrongly delivered items)

Images are sent to the lab on a weekly basis, once printed and received back, they are checked for print quality and released for packaging and posting to you.

How long till delivery of electronic images?

I always state 7 working days. Your digital image file will be processed and sent to the email address stated when you placed your order.

You will need to allow my email address so the email doesn’t get lost in your spam filters.

If not received within this time period please check your spam filters and junk email folders, if still not received please email me your order details.


Saving electronic images to my PC?

Once a digital image is received you need to save it your own computer for further use.

When a picture is sent over the e-mail it is sent as an attachment and most e-mail programs and online webmail programs display any attachment separate from the actual e-mail message. This means in order to view and save the attached picture you may need to click the file or an icon such as a paperclip icon to view the actual attachments.

Microsoft Outlook

  1. Open the e-mail with the attached picture.
  2. Right-click on the picture or the icon of the file containing the picture and choose Save As.
  3. This opens a Save Attachment window that allows you to specify where you want to save the file to.

Mozilla Thunderbird

  1. Open the e-mail with the attached picture.
  2. Right-click on the picture or the icon of the file containing the picture and choose Save As or Save Image.
  3. This opens a Save Image window that allows you to specify where you want to save the file to.

Internet e-mail

  1. Open the browser and locate the image or picture you want to save.
  2. Right-click the image and choose the option to Save Picture As, Save Image As, or Save image.
  3. This opens a Save As window. In this window browse to the location you want to save the image to and click the Ok or Save button.

Tell me a little about copyright laws?

In accordance with the Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988, the copyright of all images created by the Photographer is owned by the Photographer. Unless the Photographer gives written authorisation, the Client is forbidden by law to copy any images created by the photographer and agrees that all photographic reprints, digital duplications or copies of any type made from images created by the Photographer shall only be carried out by the Photographer. The licence to reproduce such images is granted to the Client on the understanding that all invoices are paid within the Photographer’s stated payment terms.

Reproduction rights (if and when granted) are strictly limited to the use specified on the Photographer’s invoice and/or quotation. An agreement must be reached with the Photographer before the pictures are used for a different purpose or after the licence to use has expired. The Photographer reserves the right to charge an additional fee if the photographs are used for purposes other than what is shown on the Photographers invoice and/or quotation.

If the Client wishes to own the copyright of images created by the Photographer, an additional fee will be paid by the Client to the Photographer for transferring the copyright. This fee will be mutually agreed by both parties. The transfer of copyright will only become applicable after this payment has been made in full.

On instances where the Client requests copies from media that they have supplied, all work is undertaken on the assumption that the Client has obtained written permission from the legal copyright holder for copies to be made. The Photographer may contact the copyright holder of the said image to confirm that authorisation to copy the image has been given. The Client agrees to fully indemnify the Photographer in respect of any claims or damages or any costs arising in respect of claims for copyright violation made by a third party.

All original negatives, transparencies and digital files created by the Photographer remain the property of the Photographer. The Photographer will ensure that all such materials are stored safely for the Client and make them available for future reproduction in return for the relevant fee.

The Photographer reserves the right to make reproductions of images created during assignments for marketing, promotional, competition and editorial purposes.

Further information can be obtained here

What does your copyright release include?

Images may be purchased to download via my photo galleries. Please note that in all cases, Copyright always remain with the Photographers. Copyright itself is not sold by a photographer or me Will Harris, only the rights for the identified person[s] to use the image as indicated in the agreement (verbal or written) between the Purchaser and Vendor.

A credit must be attributed to eg: ‘Will Harris | Photography’ at all times without exception. If unsure please check prior, copyright infringement law is very serious at all levels.

Images i have taken or published on my website must not be copied, re-printed, digitally merged, in any way edited or enhanced without the written permission of ‘Will Harris | Photography’ and this includes downloading from any form of media/technology or website including this one.

Even if copyright is released in your name; the publishing of any image where the animal does not solely belong to you, is prohibited without ALL owners consent in writing, which we may ask for in the event of a complaint by a co-owner.

What does ‘Will Harris | Photography’ Copyright Release include?

Use of the image/s in:-

  • Our Dogs /Our Dogs Ireland Newspapers
  • Our Dogs Annuals
  • OD Canine Press features or supplements
  • Breed Handbooks
  • Breed Yearbooks
  • Show Catalogues
  • Kennel Gazette
  • Personal business cards
  • Personal Website’s
  • Breed Club Website’s
  • Breed Rescue Website’s
  • Social Networking Site’s, such as Facebook & Twitter.

If posted to social media website, include the by-line ‘Photo by ‘Will Harris | Photography’ at all times and if published on Facebook we ask you to tag the image to Will Harris – the photographers personal Facebook Page.

Images purchased may be reproduced for your own personal use but may not be cropped, altered, edited, enhanced or changed in any way at any time or under any circumstances without written permission from the photographer[s]

The use of images in any Publication not included in our release [see above] are subject to special copyright terms & must be discussed & agreed prior to publishing with the Photographer and Publishing Company.

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Griffons are one of the most difficult breeds to photograph. Naughty determind to do their own thing and never stay still. Will Harris had endless patience, an eye for the back ground that it takes to produce a great photograph. It paid off and he gave us wonderful photographs of our Ch Marquant Sweet Dreams. Thank you Will.
Alison and Ffion Price 

As a photographer I am always looking to my peers for inspiration. Will is certainly that. A finer animal photographer I have yet to come across. he is imaginative, frames beautifully, captures movement splendidly and is technically very good. I always love seeing his photos because they teach me something new every time. A young man to watch.

Visit Nilou’s Website

Nilou Shokrai
Nilou Shokrai

For me it was luck, as Will is a family member and co owner in our show kennel. Will achieves what i want to see in my images and he repeatedly delivers, capturing their heart and soul. What do you have to loose to give him a try? I know you wont be disappointed!

Zara Boyle.


Will Harris has that rare ability to get the very best out of any dog he photographs. He has such patience, and knows the many different breeds so well, he can angle his shots to get the best possible result.. I love him!

Zena Thorn-Andrews.


Will Harris is someone who has a great appreciation for what it takes to take superb photos of dogs capture the character not just a great photo, amazing photos where the dogs personality shines through whether it be a show pose or natural shots. He always gets the soul and the essence of the subject. Will is always professional and easy to work with and always friendly, he has a total understanding of dogs and they respond to him well but that is not surprising as he has been brought up around amazing dogs all his life. He has a wealth of ideas for each individual dog. I have had many photos taken with Will and never ever been disappointed with his work.

Joanne Blackburn-Bennett.

Stargang | Kanix

Fun and relaxed photographer, who got the perfect shot within minutes. I highly recommend. Reasonable prices and waiting time is average for good pictures.

Michelle Clark

Michelle Starviper Clark
Starviper Miniature Pinschers

We have used Will Harris Photography for many years now, to take photos of our show dogs, and we have never been disappointed, his work is stunning, and always has a individual edge. I would not go any where else.

Michelle Chapman.

Ellemich CKCS

A wonderful afternoon with Will Harris, resulted in the best photographs of my girl. Nothing was too much trouble. Reeva can be camera shy, but Will turned her into the ultimate photographic Diva. I would have no hesitation in booking a new photo shoot when I need the best pictures for publication in 2016.

The Remesca’s Team.

Karen Brennan

Will has done our professional photographs for some time now. We have never been disappointed his work is stunning, he always has a eye for detail a talent very few have! Our dogs love him too, he has a great rapport with his subjects. We would not go any where else.

Lisa Nelson & Leanne Bryant.

Nasailleen | Tirkane

“For me, Will Harris’s ability to capture the right atmospherics and colour setting for showing off your dogs in the most appealing way is a talent like no other photographer I know!. Will is both talented as a photographer and gets the most out of the dog as well. I always recommend Will Harris photography”.

Simon Whincup-Grindey


Having been on the end of the lens of this young mans camera on quite a number of ocassions now, I can only say one word – superb! Will has such an affinity with the animals he’s photographing and has a real eye for ‘that something different’ in a desired shot. His photos are quite captivating and I can only suggest you give him a try . Whether it be at a show or with your dogs au natural Will excels in what he produces. My favourite shots from him, have been the ones where the subject doesn’t even realise the picture is being taken – quiet, unobtrusive but always ending in a very powerful way. A’ must’ if you want something a little different but natural.

Diane Stewart-Ritchie.

Diane Stewart-Ritchie
Gwendariff Irish Setters

Will is an extremely talented photographer, totally professional, with an unobtrusive manner, and an incredible eye and we have used his amazing talent behind the lens for many years now. He knows what will make a good picture and is capable of creating the right setting to perfectly compliment your subject. As someone who has a great appreciation for what it takes to capture those special photos, whether it’s a formal stacked image or a more relaxed pose you will not find anyone who will capture the ‘essence’ better than Will has with our Poodles. His creativity, inspiration, knowledge and experience has created the most fabulous images of our Poodles and we cannot recommend him highly enough. Will produces pictures of the highest quality with his genuine natural ability and he has a never ending patience to capture those perfect images. You will be crazy not to use his services.

Muriel, Carol & Melanie Harwood. read more


Will came very highly recomended to me when I was looking for advertisement photo’s and I wasn’t disappointed!! Will has an amazing eye for detail, and is very patient and thoughtful with his subjects to ensure the very best image. If you are looking for that something a little bit different but very special moment, Will is your man!

The Remesca’s Team.

Zarina Brough

Having been impressed by Will’s style of photography for some time, I was delighted that he agreed to come over to Northern Ireland to do a shoot. On the day of the shoot, the weather was awful, extremely windy and very wet – not exactly ideal weather for taking photographs of Havanese! However Will’s experience, together with his level of enthusiasm and professionalism ensured that the weather did not spoil our day and we ended up getting some absolutely stunning photographs of our dogs. His creativity and inventiveness meant that we got some pretty special and unique photographs which really captured our dogs personalities. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Will and am looking forward to working with him again in the future.

Olivia Carty.


Will is brilliant! There’s no other word for him. He’s our first point of call when we need some impactful and ‘different’ shots of our team.

Louise Bermingham.

Bamcwt | Chezanna